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Selsebeel Holding Co. K.S.C- Kuwait

Has been founded as per the authorized contract under no 1550 folder1 at 14 march 2004 and the last modification in the authorized contract under the no 2702 folder 1 at 7 April 2008 and the company has been registered under record no 99512 at 4 may 2008

Selsebeel Holding Co. K.S.C- Kuwait

Has been established for these purposes.

  • Owns shares of Kuwaiti shareholding companies or foreign, as well as ownership of shares or shares in limited liability companies Kuwaiti or foreign or participating in the establishment of its quality management and lending and guarantee for others
  • Lending companies in which it owns shares and guarantee for others in this case should not be less than the holding company's Share in the capital of the borrowing company, at least 20%
  • Owns industrial property rights such as patents or trademarks and industrial drawing or any other related rights and leased to other companies to exploit either inside Kuwait or outside.
  • Owns movable and immovable property required to conduct its activity in the permitted limits and in accordance with the law.
  • Exploitation of surplus funds with the company by investing in portfolios managed by specialized and the company is directly aforementioned business in the State of Kuwait and abroad by itself or by acting.



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